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  • Investor Relations
    We support our clients through a host of Investor Relations activities which includes:
    • External Communications Support
    • New Investor Acquisition Activities
    We have a mission to strengthen the external infrastructure of the companies that we work with to ensure that the successful later-stage company communication approach is at the backbone of our early-stage client companies.

  • US & LATAM Expansion
    KGroup utilizes its network connections to help companies outside of the western hemisphere break into the United States and Latin American markets. We work with the team to create the sales strategy and act on behalf of our clients, going out to the market directly to generate a space for our clients in these new markets.
  • Marketing / CMO Support
    Our Marketing support mimics that of a full-scale Marketing office. Our Marketing outfit provides:
    • Online Marketing Optimization
    • Advertising Account Setup
    • Ambassador/Influencer Network Setup
    • Introduction to KGroup's Key Partners (i.e. TikTok)
    • Reputation Management, and much more
    The Marketing service can act as a stand-alone office or as a value-add addition to an existing Marketing team.
  • Finance / CFO Support
    The Finance segment provides an extension to a company's team. Services include, but are not limited to:
    • Short/Long Term Financial Planning
    • Strategic OPEX Management
    • Cash Flow Analysis and Control
    • Balance Sheet Cleanup
    • Working Capital and liquidity improvements
    The Finance support function aims to improve company margins, reduce the cost of capital and enhance the cash cycle.

KGroup provides a lifecycle of capital through our hybrid Debt and Equity Investment structure. We initiate capital deployment in stages:

  • Stage 1: Short-term Working Capital - Used to cover the off-fundraising-cycle needs of our portfolio companies, which covers customer purchase orders, Accounts Receivables, and company inventory purchases
  • Stage 2: Long-term Capital - A harmonious capital deployment and repayment schedule ensures that our portfolio company can receive larger, longer-term capital deployments in the form of Structured Loans

We aim to support early-stage (i.e. Pre-Seed, Seed Stage) revenue-generating companies that are delivering, and/or aim to deliver, unique products and services to the US market. We are especially keen on companies that are producing "everyday Consumer essentials" for their customer base while utilizing the power of the modern-day E-Commerce platform.

KGroup provides its Advisory services according to a company's unique needs. To maximize our clients' cash preservation, our compensation is blended between monetary and sweat equity.This allows KGroup to help minimize immediate costs for growing companies.
  • LiveKuna
    KGroup supports LiveKuna's Marketing and Finance functions as well as its US Expansion. The comprehensive support has given the company the foundation for its continued growth, given its sales ambitions. KGroup has redefined the US sales path through aggressive Marketing efforts and has helped the company restructure its finances through strategic negotiations, among other activities.

    LiveKuna Quote

    "[It was] A smooth process of due diligence where the KGroup team [analyzed] in depth our business [operations] in order to provide both solutions and a roadmap for the growth of the company"

    — Santiago Stacey (Co-Founder / CEO)

  • Pregnancy tracker
    As a newer tracking app on the market, KGroup supports Pregnancy Tracker's US and LATAM expansion. KGroup has lined up relationships with notable players in the Healthcare / Consumer sector that will be integrating the tool for its customers.

  • Qvalon
    KGroup is currently supporting Qvalon's US expansion for this Europe-based process audit tool. KGroup has created the US go-to-market strategy, while supporting local business development efforts, to pilot the software and onboard new clients. KGroup also supports Qvalon with back-end support for its business Accounting needs.

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