Katya is on a mission to bring innovation to the people by providing capital and other resources to entrepreneurs. Katya invests in growth-stage consumer-facing products or solutions and provides alternative investment options with double-digit returns to investors through 13 Ventures.

With over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the startup ecosystem and corporate world, Katya loves sharing her experience to mentor fast-growing businesses and entrepreneurs. Overall, she invested in and mentored over 100 startups.

Within a 4 year journey of building Starta Ventures Katya has created an ecosystem and community for early-stage startups with immigrant founders to help them scale in the US market. Total investments attracted by Starta portfolio companies since 2015 exceeded $90M in both traditional VC rounds and crypto-assets. Katya achieved 4 exits within 3 years and 8 times returns for Starta fund.

After starting her marketing career at Nielsen, Katya advanced her product and business development skills in different industries, such as pharmaceutical, IT and FinTech and Wall Street companies. She co-founded her own company in 2009 working with clients such as Samsung, Casio, American Express, American Airlines, and others.

Katya received her Master's degree in International Economics and now she is a PhD candidate in Economics.

She is a published author of books on marketing and entrepreneurship. Katya is a contributor to Forbes magazine and other business publications. In her free time, she writes books for children, donating the royalties to charity and advocates as a founder for Immigrant Entrepreneurship Foundation.
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