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Milana Kohen Setiawan is an American born young artist of Russian and Asian descent. (born Jan 4, 2013). Milana was born in NYC in an immigrant family where she has been exposed to all kinds of creativity, art, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Milana's mom is an entrepreneur, and her dad is an artist who has his studio and gallery in Brooklyn. Her parents broaden her vision and mindset and taught her to dare more since a very young age. At age 6 she started her Youtube channel where she has been reviewing new innovations and gadgets that her Mom worked with, in parallel taking art classes with her dad. Her drawings were winning several school awards (one of her art pieces was nominated to be exhibit at MET Museum). While exhaling her music learning, she started composing her own music which was mostly inspired by Disney. In August 2020 she wrote the first song "Everything is gonna be just fine".
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